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september 2009

milsom-family-weekend in savognin
playing burgfräulein and dragon after city-hunting werdenberg, rodeling down the longest rodelbahn in the world, shooting down the mountain with monster-scooters, eating kinder-überraschungseier on over 2000müm, playing games, solving riddles and snowboarding on playstations - great weekend - thank you family :)

march / april 2009

happy travels in oman
oman rocks! if you like arabic food, nice people, the desert, mountains, rocks, 4x4 off-road driving, the sea, fresh fruit juices, souks, inscents, smiles and sunshine,... then you'll like oman!

december 2008

Another year has rolled by?too fast as usual. And if, in the middle of your busy lives, you are craving a little boredom, here is my annual Christmas update - after getting some complaints about not writing one last year. I personally believe that sending (and of course receiving) Christmas letters is a nice way to keep tracks with the lives of friends and family. So: Read it or leave it, but don't blame me for writing it :o)

november 2008

a long weekend in paris
more than 10 year have passed since dani & markus lived in paris. so we returned for some sight-seeing that we never did then (yes, we even went to visit the louvre). with two well prepared guides i was in good hands ;)

november 2008

holidays in turkey with mam
mam & i had a great time in turkey - soaking up the sun, reading, swimming in the sea, playing tennis, table tennis and cards, talking, drinking fresh orange juice and cappuccinos, relaxing in the hammam or turkish bath,.. .

october 2008

slacking with the marty-family in gams
the simmi-pärkli in gams is ideal for slacking! so we relaxed our legs on the slackline after biking up to wildhaus. the marty-family joined us and we all had lots of fun :)

october 2008

cycling up to wildhaus
two short trips cycling from our house up to wildhaus and down the gamser-berg... in colorful autumn

october 2008

nanouk on holidays in grabs
nanouk spent a few days in grabs: climbing, playing, telling stories, folding paper boats, shopping, visiting the viehschau, sliding down the wild-water-canyon,...

october 2008

a sunny weekend in the ticino
cycling, shopping and especially slacking in the sunny ticino - what a dream!

september 2008

a week in portugal
as there was a week of rain predicted in the ticino, we spontaniously decided to go to portugal to relax and have fun on the beautiful beaches!

august 2008

steve in grabs
in august, steve - a canadian guy living in berlin, whom we met on koh tao in 2004 - came to visit us for a bit more than a week. we had a great time hiking, slack-lining, talking, cycling, eating and laughing! pics here...

june 2008

cambodia and thailand
rain and sunshine in beautiful south east asia! i need asia once every couple of years - minimum!!!, i guess i am addicted to the delicious food, the smiling people and the wonderful landscape ;)

may 2008

milsom-weekend 2008
because i still haven't got round to sort out the milsom-family-weekend-pics, here a link of ben's photos from this really great weekend with the whole milsom-family. thank you ben & gaby for the great organisation and all the family for the fun!!!

april 2008

istanbul / turkey
we just came home from a week in a place i really could recommend to everybody!!! istanbul - interesting with the muslim culture, asian influence, beautiful tulips, friendly people, delicious food, fascinating markets, nice gardens, mosques etc etc etc!

march 2008

a long easter-weekend
skiing with nanouk in the liechtensteiner malbun, searching for rabbits in the garden, playing around and having guests...

february 2008

spielschüür with nanouk
for christmas nanouk got an afternoon with his godmother and godfather - with a huge lunch and lots of time to play in the fantastic spielschüür - an inside playground.

december 2007
january 2008

essa & jasper
after meeting up exactly a year ago in morocco, essa & jasper from holland came to see us after christmas and celebrated new year with us in grabs: sledging a few times (on sledges and snowboards...), skiing/snowboarding in wildhaus and unterwasser, playing roulette, skidding with cars, cooking with wood, eating röschti and fondue, laughing a lot and enjoying the time together.

december 2007 winter impressions
just a few winter impressions taken around our house in grabs - i really love this little place!

happy birthday nanouk!!!
my godson nanouk is already 4 years old!!! wow, time flies so fast and he's such a fun and clever little big boy ;)

november 2007

snowboarding / skiing in wildhaus
our first day in the snow, with great sunshine and not many people. we were the first on the slopes (or next to the slopes in the powder snow ;) and had great fun in the sun!

november 2007

nanouk spending a weekend in grabs
we spent a great weekend with nanouk climbing, freezing in the snow storm, eating tortelloni, playing, watching "chliine iisbär", looking at the molkerei grabs and having lots of fun! here the pics...

november 2007 hiking up the margelchopf
hiking up the margelchopf, my favorite mountain, just above grabs - after less than 2 hrs we reached the top (on 2164m) and had a great view to austria, germany and switzerland - all above a deep sea of mist.... see the pics here!
october 2007

ntb-retirement-party of my father
after 35 years working at the ntb my father had his last working day on the 31st of october. we surprised him with a party to which we invited all his former students. my father had no idea about the surprise and was overwhelmed when he entered the cafeteria...
here the website that we created to inform all the students...
and here the photos of the people who came...

september 2007 beach & climbing holidays in sardinia
two relaxing weeks around the wonderful island of sardinia. we spent most of the days on the beach and climbing in the sunshine. pics here...
july 2007 downhill in lenzerheide & arosa
on a sunny summer day we went downhilling from lenzerheide to arosa & back, had lots of fun and bbq in the eve ;) thanx mathias & lukas for taking the pics!
july 2007 milsom-weekend in austria
as every year we enjoyed a brilliant game-weekend with the whole milsom-family. check out the fun pics here...
june/july 2007 from grabs to broadstairs by bike
we cycled from grabs to england by bike and then enjoyed 10 sunny days in broadstairs...
20.5. 2007

my little big brother is getting married!!!
yes, ben is getting married to gaby, the best woman in the world for him ;) you can check out their wedding-website here and maybe even drop them a line in their guestbook!

6. 1. 2006

photos from morocco
the website for our trip to morocco is online... if you want to check out a few links or see our pics (yes, they are online now!) go to

28. 8. 2005

all bigtrip - pics are online!
the pictures from our bigtrip are now online! check out our photos from skandinavia, tibet and china, southeast asia, australia & new zealand here!

4. 10. 2003

new website
eventually i took my time to create a new website!
please let me know if you have any corrections or a good idea how to make it better!
so surf around and have fun! - last update 24.09.2009 ..