as i had lots of free time for holidays and my mother is celebrating her 60th birthday this december we decided to pre-celebrate this special occasion together in a place filled with sunshine and relaxing time - and after a few hours googling we realized that turkey had the best offers for the few euros we had spare to spend :)

  the beach & pools
ok, the sand maybe wasn't white, but as there were no people and as the weather still was good when we were there, we spent every minute we could at the beach - reading and listening to the waves. of course the pools were nice too but the feeling of holidays is there as soon as you're by the sea!!!

the ela quality resort hotel
i am not really a friend of luxury hotels and upperclass people who spend their holidays in these flash hotels. but as we really just wanted to relax and read and enjoy a week away from the stress back home, we decided to book the best for the smallest price - and we really got a bijou with the ela quality resort hotel! it's only been built 2 years ago and there were hardly any other guests because it was getting close to winter. so we had everything to ourselves: free tennis courts, empty pools and beaches, a huge hammam, a turkish bath and a sauna, table tennis tables, an incredible buffet, concerts in the pub, a piano bar, a pool bar and and and all the rest that goes with it :)


mam & me
we really had a great time together - playing tennis or ping-pong, reading, talking, enjoying card games in the eve and just enjoying the time together! thank you mam :)


the food & drinks
mhhhhhhh, all the delicious food - the fresh orange juice, the fancy cappuccinos, the huge variety of veggies, meat and salads, the turkish deserts, the drinks at the bar, etc...


the flowers, plants and birds
birds came to visit us at breakfast, beautiful flowers were all along the paths and palm- and bananatrees made us really feel on holidays ;)

  the travels
after a loon waiting time (3-4 hrs delay) we got into a horrible plane with no space and used sticky air... and lots of grumpy tourists coming from turkey, wanting to fly to vienna... so they had an unexpected detour over zuerich and we an unexpected landing in vienna... but we arrived in turkey in one bit and arrived at the incredible hotel in less than half an hour.
the return-flight was easy and even arrived early in zuerich!!! - last update 29.11.2008 ..