a few pics of the milsom-family.....

september 2009

milsom-family-weekend in savognin
playing burgfräulein and dragon after city-hunting werdenberg, rodeling down the longest rodelbahn in the world, shooting down the mountain with monster-scooters, eating kinder-überraschungseier on over 2000müm, playing games, solving riddles and snowboarding on playstations - great weekend - thank you family :)

october 2008

nanouk on holidays in grabs
nanouk spent a few days in grabs: climbing, playing, telling stories, folding paper boats, shopping, visiting the viehschau, sliding down the wild-water-canyon,...

march 2008

a long easter-weekend
skiing with nanouk in the liechtensteiner malbun, searching for rabbits in the garden, playing around and having guests...

february 2008

spielschüür with nanouk
for christmas nanouk got an afternoon with his godmother and godfather - with a huge lunch and lots of time to play in the fantastic spielschüür - an inside playground.

december 2007

christmas 2007
after being in morocco last year at this time, i spent christmas with the family, eating nice meals, playing games, skiing, singing carols, taking photos, going for walks in the snow and just enjoying the time together...

november 2007

cousinen-treff 2007
every year or two all the cousines of my mother's side meet and enjoy the time together...

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july 2007

milsom-weekend in austria
as every year we enjoyed a brilliant game-weekend with the whole milsom-family.

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april 2007 maleah and nanouk @ natalie's birthday
we had a great time playing with maleah and nanouk on natalie's birthday party - in a box, in the sand, in the car...
april 2007 sk8erboy nanouk
nanouk is our new skater-boy. he got great rollerskates from the easter rabbit and tried out skating with the skateboard.
march 2007 nanouk @ thurwasserfälle in unterwasser
once again we picked up nanouk for a night in grabs. on our way from wil to grabs we drove over the toggenburg to unterwasser, where we hiked to the thur-waterfall. although there was snow on the way nanouk drove his bike all the way there. the way back he and mc walked in the riverbed while i carried the bike ;)
20. - 23.07.2006

wedding of michelle and christian in england
we spent 4 wonderful days with our family in the north of england, where my cousine michelle got married to christian. it was a great time, thank you for everything!!! you find some pictures of this long weekend here...

may 2006 milsom-family-weekend 2006
as usual it was a surprise, where the milsom-weekend will be spent... we set off early in the morning by train from st.gallen to konstanz and had breakfast on the train. over the border, in germany, we went to see some sharks and fish in sealife. after some shopping at the lago we ate lunch in the sun, played football and slept in the park. by catamaran we went to friedrichshafen and lindau, where we stayed at the beautiful schachen-schlössle. after a swimm in the pool and a delicious dinner, the 4 youngest ones (exept nanouk:) went to town for a drink or two in town... on sunday we walked along the lake to the island of lindau where we soaked up some sun, ate ice cream and took the boat back to switzerland. the weather was perfect and we really took our time to talk, relax and enjoy. thanx 4 all!
april 2006

cousinen-treff 2006
a cousinen-treffen in the hohbrugg in schleitheim and then a great desert at erich & blancas - with all the cousines, aunties, uncles, coucousines, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, wifes, etc... see the pics here.

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march 2006 nanouk
nanouk spent a weekend in grabs. on sunday he came to his godmother for a few hours, where he made a fire, ate, built a snowman, could ride his bike all along the stream and had lots of fun...
june 2004 family-weekend 2004
this year's family-weekend was organized by ben & gaby. we set off saturday morning, got into the train in st.gallen. in wil natalie, matthias and nanouk got in the train. in basel we all got out and went to the exhibition of tutanchamun. it was absolutely fascinating. after that we carried on to lucerne. after loading all the luggage off in the hotel, having a relaxing bath, a short sleep and enjoying the nice room we went eating out to an italian restaurant. there we had fun - and lots of discussions - playing a difficult game. gosh, all those different oppinions! after that we went to a small bar close to the hotel. watching all the *strange* couples we had even more to talk about :-) the next morning we had breakfast on a boat and enjoyed the sunshine on the pedalo. after all the relaxing we had a sweet treat in the hofgarten and then soon took the train back home. thanx ben & gaby for the billiant organisation!!!
jan 2004 angelique and marcus
my cousine angelique and her boyfriend marcus from england came to see us for a few days in january. we had a great time together - walking in the snow to the heidihouse, having a delicious desert up in the schloss wartenstein, relaxing in the spa in bad ragaz, making our own pizza, playing all kind of funny games, going to the castle schattenburg in feldkirch and eating elephant ears, listening to musicians practicing jazz and having a drink in the bar..... hey, angelique and marcus, hope to see you soon again - either here in switzerland or in london!!! :-)
29. 9. 2003 fürstensteig
paul, brigitta, jennifer and markus went hiking around the fürstensteig in liechtenstein. the weather wasn't really brilliant, but we had a wonderful day walking along the huge rocks and looking down the steep cliffs! what an amazing hiking-trail!
sept. 2003 milsom - family - weekend 03
this year's family-weekend was organized by natalie and matthias. first we went to the sensorium in frauenfeld. there we spent half a day playing around with lots of crazy, fascinating stuff! then we carried on to winterthur, where we went shopping. in the eve we had a wonderful meal and saw the movie: the calendergirls. after that gaby, ben, markus and jennifer went through winterthur to find the best bar. on sunday we went cart-racing and had fun chasing eachother in the go-carts. even mam joined and enjoyed ;) brilliant weekend once again! thanx, nat & matt for the perfect organisation!!!
march 2002 milsom - family - weekend 02
every year somebody of our family organizes a surprise family-weekend. this year mam and dad booked a trip to colmar. it was great! we had no idea where we were going, had a short break in basel. in colmar we were brought to a lovely hotel. after shopping, chatting, drinking coffee and enjoying the sunshine, we all together had a meal. in the eve the "young ones" went out till late and had so much fun together. on sunday we went to see a musical in basel and were back at home in the evening. wow. it was so nice, every minute of this weekend! thank you, mam and dad, for everything!!! :-)
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