the first pictures are ready to look at... by far not all, but come again another time!
i promise some more will follow! ;)

  bike mix
just a few pics from several tours in the year:
biking up buchserberg and valspus with friends,...
riding to says-stams-valzaina on our anniversary-day,..
stopping on our way home from the ticino in avers, to bike up to tanatzhöhi, splüge,...

cycling up to wildhaus
two short trips cycling from our house up to wildhaus and down the gamser-berg... in colorful autumn


downhill in lenzerheide & arosa
on a sunny summer day we went downhilling from lenzerheide to arosa & back, had lots of fun and bbq in the eve ;)
thanx mathias & lukas for taking the pics!
infos about the return-trail here...


a few pics from an eve at the cool bike-park in st.gallen, just a few minutes from where i work here...

19. 10. 2003 wildhaus
although the weather was cold and foggy, we only went to bed at 4am and didn't have anything to eat except for a huge plate of tiramisu - we decided to go biking up the grabserberg, gamperfin, ölberg, to wildhaus and down over the fields and through the woods to gams. we had a great time in the warm sunshine. on our way home we got a delicious meal at my parents!
5. - 12. 10.2003 piesendorf
we spent one brilliant week biking, hiking, sleeping, laughing, eating, relaxing, playing tennis, reading, going out, writing, playing and just enjoying our time in a wonderful hotel in piesendorf, austria. unfortunately the weather wasn't so good the first few days. maybe that's why we appreciated the sun so much in the end...
6./7. 9. 2003

bike-wm in lugano
we spent the whole weekend down in the ticino to see the bike-world-championship. on friday eve we saw the incredible 4x with lots of action! saturday we biked up along the downhill-track and watched the crazy jumpers. in rivera we followed the fast cross-country-race and enjoyed the good atmosphere. what a mad sport we like ;-)

23. 8. 2003 gaflei - steg
as i had planned to go hiking to liechtenstein with my kids, we went to check it all out by bike: first up to gaflei, then over to steg, had a short rest there, came down another trail to silum and went over to gaflei again. from there there's a great downhill back down to vaduz.
26.7. - 8.8.2003 summerholidays 2003
we realized last year how wonderful our small switzerland can be - so we decided to spend our holidays biking in CH. we started with a biketour from zernez past s-chanf and val mora. then we took a beautiful small camping in st.maria, val müstair. there the weather wasn't as hot as in all the rest of switzerland. after a short adventurous trip over the umbrail-pass to stelvio we came over the bernina-pass to posciavo. there we biked up to val di campo and hiked to the fairy-tale-lakes in the woods. in the ticino we biked up the monte bar and crossed over to san luco - bocchetta di san bernardo and back to tesserete. that was probably the best bike-tour i've ever been on! the next day we hiked from monte lema to monte tamaro, where we met mam & dad. coming down we saw the preparations for the mountain-bike-downhill-wm. soon after we celebrated the wedding with of ursula and andreas and spent two wonderful days in thun!
2. 5. 2003

every year a nice tour to start the season: up from oberriet, montlinger schwamm, kamor. the view from there is fantastic, the road is always cleared (military) and the fun downhill is great! - last update 12.10.2008 ..