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4. 09. 2004

happy birthday markus!
markus celebrated his 30th birthdayparty with his best friends in the bike-house in buchs. we had a great time with all such nice people. with some it was the last day we could spend some time together before going on our big trip... have a look at the pics here...

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20. 03. 2004

before moving out - back to our parents, where we have to behave - we want to party one last time in our beloved flat. hot beats, cool drinks, great people and nice memories all mixed up in one evening - the 20th of march 2004. thanx ili, ursin and ben for the pics :-) and all the rest for coming.

see my moving-flyer here

31. 12. 2003

new year's eve / silvester
once again we had a party with friends to celebrate the new year. a few good friends came home to us, brought delicious food and drinks and had lots of fun. first we trusted the pizza-in-racelette-oven-idea... and it really was a good one. then we had desserts and played games - and after a few minor disagreements about details in the rules the women won it all :-) well, no matter about victory or defeat, we all had a great evening and a long party. only a few hours later most of us stood ontop of the mountains in parsenn to enjoy the sun and brilliant snow. we wish you a wonderful new year and hope that all your wishes come true!

3. 4. 2002

ben birthday
as a surprise, a few friends and familymembers organized a surprise - birthday - party for ben. first he came home and found HIS own flat filled with friends and goodies to eat. then we all went to the alhambra for an apero and then to the san lorenzo for a delicious pizza and lots of fun. in the end the birreria made sure, nobody went home thirsty. - last update 10.09.2006 ..