pictures for you to look at - memories for us, not to be forgotten...

july 2009

koh tao revival in berlin
after spending nearly a month together in thailand in 2004/2005 the A - team & co. met up again - this time in berlin. steve prepared everything so perfectly well and the time together was just perfect with lots of fun, cycling, adventure, delicious food, sunshine, laughter and - all you need is love :)

march/april 2009

camping in oman
if you like arabic food, nice people, the desert, mountains, stones, 4x4 off-road driving, the sea, fresh fruit juices, souks, inscents, smiles and sunshine,... then you'll like oman!

november 2008

a long weekend in paris
more than 10 year have passed since dani & markus lived in paris. so we returned for some sight-seeing that we never did then (yes, we even went to visit the louvre). with two well prepared guides i was in good hands ;)

november 2008

a week in turkey
mam & i had a great time in turkey - soaking up the sun, reading, swimming in the sea, playing tennis, table tennis and cards, talking, drinking fresh orange juice and cappuccinos, relaxing in the hammam or turkish bath,...

october 2008

a sunny weekend in the ticino
cycling, shopping and especially slacking in the sunny ticino - what a dream!

september 2008

a week in portugal
as there was a week of rain predicted in the ticino, we spontaniously decided to go to portugal to relax and have fun on the beautiful beaches!

june 2008

cambodia and thailand
rain and sunshine in beautiful south east asia! i need asia once every couple of years, i guess i am addicted to the delicious food, the smiling people and the wonderful landscape ;)

april 2008

istanbul / turkey
we just came home from a week in a place i really could recommend to everybody!!!

june/july 2007

cycling from grabs to broadstairs
see the pics here... more infos about the trip and route later...

december 2006

a month in morocco
after a whole month in morocco we've arrived back home on the 1st of january... the country fascinated me and we'll be back - inchallah!
if you want to see some pics or read some impressions, you can look at the website here...


another long weekend in england
for next to nothing we booked another flight to england. this time we spent most of the short holidays with my parents in broadstairs: swimming in the sea, soaking up some sun on the beach, walking to ramsgate, watching the carneval, eating fish & chips or bangladesh specialities, checking out the pubs, meeting friends and enjoying the time in the wonderful flat. then we continued to london, where we enjoyed spending the eve in wagamama's with angelique (my cousine) and declan, with whom we spent 2 weeks in china. thank you all for your hospitality! see some pics here...

may 2006 milsom-family-weekend 2006
as usual it was a surprise, where the milsom-weekend will be spent... we set off early in the morning by train from st.gallen to konstanz and had breakfast on the train. over the border, in germany, we went to see some sharks and fish in sealife. after some shopping at the lago we ate lunch in the sun, played football and slept in the park. by catamaran we went to friedrichshafen and lindau, where we stayed at the beautiful schachen-schlössle. after a swimm in the pool and a delicious dinner, the 4 youngest ones (exept nanouk:) went to town for a drink or two in town... on sunday we walked along the lake to the island of lindau where we soaked up some sun, ate ice cream and took the boat back to switzerland. the weather was perfect and we really took our time to talk, relax and enjoy. thanx 4 all!
1.7.2004 - 1.8.2005 all bigtrip - pics are online!
the pictures from our bigtrip are now online! check out our photos from skandinavia, tibet and china, southeast asia, australia & new zealand here!
30.1. - 6.2.2004 fiss - ladis - serfaus
after 7 days on the snowboard or skis we felt every mussle we have... but it was great! every morning at 9am we stood on the well prepared slopes in the sunshine. there were hardly any people around, the snow conditions were brilliant, the food delicious, the people friendly, we got enough sleep and enjoyed every minute in fiss - ladis - serfaus, a great skiing-area with 53 lifts and a huge variety of slopes in the tirol!
5. - 12. 10.2003 piesendorf
we spent one brilliant week biking, hiking, sleeping, laughing, eating, relaxing, playing tennis, reading, going out, writing, playing and just enjoying our time in a wonderful hotel in piesendorf, austria. unfortunately the weather wasn't so good the first few days. maybe that's why we appreciated the sun so much in the end...
26.7. - 8.8.2003 summerholidays 2003
we realized last year how wonderful our small switzerland can be - so we decided to spend our holidays biking in CH. we started with a biketour from zernez past s-chanf and val mora. then we took a beautiful small camping in st.maria, val müstair. there the weather wasn't as hot as in all the rest of switzerland. after a short adventurous trip over the umbrail-pass to stelvio we came over the bernina-pass to posciavo. there we biked up to val di campo and hiked to the fairy-tale-lakes in the woods. in the ticino we biked up the monte bar and crossed over to san luco - bocchetta di san bernardo and back to tesserete. that was probably the best bike-tour i've ever been on! the next day we hiked from monte lema to monte tamaro, where we met mam & dad. coming down we saw the preparations for the mountain-bike-downhill-wm. soon after we celebrated the wedding with of ursula and andreas and spent two wonderful days in thun!
7.7. - 19.7.2002 tandem 2002
we set as our aim to cycle once around switzerland. the first day we set off in the sunny morning. in rorschach we met ilaria and ursin for lunch at the bodensee and then continued to stein am rhein where we had a refreshing dip in the rhine. in schaffhausen we came past the munot and the rheinfall - like tourists ;) in rheinfelden we stayed with our friends ursula and andreas. after delemont we visited the expo02 in neuchatel and biel. after yverdon and lausanne we headed for vevey... and from then on it rained and rained and rained and poured down like crazy. after montreux, martigny, sion and sierre we came to brig where all our clothes, the tent, all the luggage was soaking wet. so we gave up and took the train back to buchs... we packed the tandem and our beachstuff in the car and set off the next morning to italy, where the weather was better. in the ticino we cycled once around the lago di lugano and were quite happy to have dry clothes when we got back!
5.7. - 29.7.2001

tandem 2001
as the last holidays were so great we decided to rent the tandem again. this time our aim was the isola d'elba in italy. we cycled 1058 km from genua to pisa - isola d'elba - volterra - san gimignano - lucca - to la spezia and took the train back home to räfis. again we spent a brilliant time, met loads of interesting people and enjoyed many sunny days in bella italia!

9.7. - 29.7.2000 tandem 2000
we rented a tandem at velostern and took the train to lugano. from there we pedaled through italy to the south of france, all along the south coast. it was great to spend so much time on the bike - together - so close that you could talk and enjoy the wonderful nature around us! after over a thousand interesting and funny, sportive and relaxing kilometers we arrived back in switzerland. - last update 19.07.2009 ..