once again we booked our flight only 2 days before we left... because the weather was bad in the ticino (where we wanted to go biking / hiking etc...) we decided to fly to portugal, enjoy some sunshine and have fun in the sea! and i don't regret it :o)

  our first day in portugal - like a real tourist in sintra
sintra is only a few minutes from lisboa, close to the sea. we drove to the village, parked the car and wanted to hike up to the castelo mouros... but as so often, we got lost while taking a "shortcut" and ended up walking for "hours" through parks, gardens, jungles and along the road... in the hot sun. but we reached the moorish castle, crossed over to the palace of pena and then went to the beach near cascais and estoril - and eventually had dinner in the village of cascais.

from lisboa to vila nova de milfontes
we had a great offer for an exceptional hotel... located in the middle of the business district (with microsoft, oracle, nokia and SAP just around the corner...) and not far from the beach. but after a day sight-seeing we needed to relax and went south - to vila nova de milfontes. there we read on the beach and slacked in the pine-woods.


surfing - between odeceixe & sagres
on the way from vila nova de milfontes to sagres we took some tiny unpaved roads along the sea. first we went to a beach in odeceixe which turned out to be a nudist beach and got pretty ugly visitors. so we left and continued south - until we found a great surf-beach near aljezur (i guess it was the praia do amado). ok, 3 years have passed since our surfing-month in australia, so we were like the total beginners, trying to stand on the board for more than just 5 seconds... but we had loads and loads of fun - even though we saw many waves from the bottom!


beachtime in sagres / lagos
in sagres we spent most of our time on the beach - reading, slacking, body-surfing waves, warming up in the sun, watching aron climbing, talking to people who wanted to give our slackline a try, exchanging travel-stories, laughing, sleeping, forgetting work and dreaming of more holidays!
the lighthouse is the most south-western point in europe (not really special, but they think it is :)
one day we went to lagos, but after a stroll around the village we just wanted to get back to the sea and cool down!


back in lisboa
in lissabon we checked out all the monuments that we thought we should... castillo de san jorge y olisiponia, monumento a los descubrimientos and the torre de belem, ok, maybe we missed out on most of the things people think one should visit in lissabon. but we took it easy and walked around the city the whole day.

a colourful country with lots of nice spots and impressions - worth to be captured...
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